Cafe Culture

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Like many urban cities, Bangkok also has its own fantastic cafe culture. There are no shortage of places to sit and lounge with a coffee or tea and newspaper for hours on end.

Cafe Bicycle is conveniently located next to the Ploen Chit BTS and is an ideal spot for enjoying expertly-decorated lattes and iced matchas for hours on end. The upstairs opens in the afternoon and giant windows make it a lovely place to take a break from the heat while still enjoying Vitamin D. A decent menu of sandwiches and salads, as well as a specialty brunch menu, make it an easy place to eat and drink the day away.

Too Fast to Sleep is the king of coffee shops, not just in Bangkok but possibly ever. The massive structure is impossible to miss and seems like a Harry Potter-esque Hogwarts with plenty of nooks and crannies to sit in alone or with larger groups. Colorful, themed rooms with little tables and bean bags fade into each other, and larger rooms that feel like libraries are also available for workers who need a desk and proper chair. Enjoy the quirky menu that reflects the young, hip clientele: colorful sweets like mochi, sticky rice, and fluffy sweet buns.

Check out the Drink Craze article for more information on caffeine favorites such as Coffee Break @ Library and Ceresia Coffee Roasters, both of which take pride in their top-notch coffees and have nice spaces to enjoy them in.


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