Bangkok's Best Floating Markets

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Market lovers rejoice in Bangkok, a city where an unusual market of any given type likely waits for you on the next corner. But even more specifically than markets in the city are a specialty in Bangkok: floating markets.

Floating markets are exactly that: markets that live on various boats that float throughout the area, selling their wares, produce, or art, and anything else imaginable. Here are a few of the top floating markets in the city:

This floating market is known as the most authentic, though it isn’t the largest. Located 30 miles from the city center, this market is located in an historic area and open on Saturdays and Sundays. Through the usual souvenirs are among the wares, most people flock to this market for its food. Seafood lovers especially head straight to the fresh fish, cooked riverside throughout the day. Wander the area or choose one of the various on-site restaurants to dine and people watch. For about 50 THB (~1.5 USD), it’s possible to join a boat tour of the area, including sightseeing several temples in the area.

Damnoen Saduak
Thailand’s most popular floating market is best in the early morning, before the heat and before the crowds. Enjoy the hundreds of vendors floating in every direction - colorful fruits and vegetables, prepared foods, souvenirs, and traditional arts and crafts. Keep in mind, though, that it’s an hour outside of the city so it’s typically easier to join a tour just for the transportation.

Taling Chan
Another floating market that’s a bit closer to the city and is great for a morning or afternoon trip. Locals and visitors alike flock to the market for the food, which is plentiful and diverse. Take a trip in a canal boat or get a foot massage on-site. This market is known for being less crowded and popular than the other two, so it may not have the size or variety, but still provides a lively, delicious atmosphere.


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