Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Because not everybody was born in the mountains...
You made it to the beautiful, pristine Tatra Mountains. You've enjoyed the heck out of the quirky, crazy town of Zakopane. You've hiked up a storm and built 37 snowmen. What else can you do around here?

Hello! You see those beautiful snow-covered slopes? Well you're supposed to ride down them! "But Mr Narrator," you say, "I don't know how!" No worries, my anonymous friend, Zakopane Life has got your back!

Introducing Ski Lessons through Zakopane Life! Need to hire a Ski Instructor? Need a Ski guide for those Tatra Mountains? Need to hire ski equipment? We've got you covered!

Our guides are licensed instructors. They're young and full of energy and will make sure you have a good time on the slopes (and live to tell the tale...).

To book your ski lessons and ski hire, click HERE!

Above: A bit of Nostalgia

How much does one of these amazing ski instructors cost?
Good to hear from you again. Starting at the low price of 100 PLN per hr, you'll have yourself your very own instructor. (100 PLN = approx. 25 Euro)

Here's our pricelist:
- 1 hour lesson for 1 person is 100 PLN
- 2 hours lessons for 1 person is 175 PLN
- 3 hours lessons for 1 person in 250 PLN

- 1 hour lesson for 2 person is 150 PLN
- 2 hours lessons for 2 person is 250 PLN
- 3 hours lessons for 2 person in 350 PLN

- 1 hour lesson for 3 person is 200 PLN
- 2 hours lessons for 3 person is 300 PLN
- 3 hours lessons for 3 person in 400 PLN

Have a larger group? Just ask for our special rates.

Where can I find one of these amazing ski instructors?
You just did, my curious friend. Just say the word and we'll send one to meet you at any hotel in Zakopane!

That's amazing! Where do I begin?
You're halfway there, my dear question-o-matic. Just click below to get started!

To have your very own Ski Instructor meet you at your Zakopane Hotel, click HERE!

Don't have a Hotel yet? We'll book it for you! Just click here for Zakopane accommodation!

Tear up those slopes!

The Local Life Team


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孟雨 from China Reply Mar 5th, 2017

I want to snowboard classes and my friends, only two people, we need a 3-5 day class.

Mary Connolly from Ireland Reply Feb 8th, 2017

Hello I was hoping to book ski lessons for our family, two adults and two children aged 11 and 14 at Nosal Ski slope. The children are beginners, adults have skied for a few days before. We are staying in Grand Nosary Dwor. We would like three hour lessons on the mornings of the 22,23,24 and 25th for all four of us together, from 10 am to 1pm. I should be grateful if you would confirm whether this is possible and the cost of this. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Mary Connollly

Jacob Golany from United States Reply Nov 28th, 2015

we two adults and two children 10 and 15 will be in Zakopane from December the 9th to the 11th and are interesting in skiing lesson as well as equipment rental Please adv. what can you offer.

Marya from Belarus Reply Nov 16th, 2014

I'd like to speak with Russian-speaking instructor. We a a family couple, planning to visit Zakopane 28/12/11-04/01/15. 2 person.

Finn from United Kingdom Reply Jan 16th, 2014

Can you provide lessons in Bialka Tatrzanska, half an hour away from Zakopane, I understand?

Phil from United Kingdom Reply Nov 28th, 2013

I am interested in having a ski instructor and hiring the correct equipment. Please could you tell me how much this would cost? Theres two of us

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Feb 21st, 2013

Hello, most of ski resorts in and around Zakopane offer snowboard rental and lessons.Their offices (rental and ski school) are located at the bottom of each ski resorts.Hope my answer helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie(3 residences of 28 comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Ela from Canada Reply Feb 19th, 2013

Is there snowboard renting and lessons? from Poland Reply Dec 13th, 2012

SKI LESSONS and SKI RENTALS available! contact us for help - see you on the slopes!

claire from Ireland Reply Aug 28th, 2012

hi, as a total novice is it possible to hire ski equipment with yourselves or can you direct me where i could go? the aim is to visit the second week of January. any help would be appreciated :)

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Aug 28th, 2012

Hello Dear Claire, you may contact the Zakopane-life ski rental by checking the link .Send them an email about 1 month before your stay in Zakopane with the following information: ski equipment neede(ski, snowboard, poles, helmets), your shoes size, height, weight, ski ability level. Then they will get back to you within few days by email.About ski clothes, If you wish to rent some, I do not think they do it. Hope my answer helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie(3 residences of very comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Brid Keane from Ireland Reply Jan 25th, 2012

Hi my friend and myself are in Zakopane on the 14th of February but we dont have accomadation booked until we arrive there. how can we contact you when we get there have you a phone number or are you based in Zakopane centre.

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply Jan 13th, 2012

If you require a quote for snowboard lessons(it has to be similar price), you have the possibility to fill a form by clicking on a link located above the black and white picture/photo.For sure, the ski team will get back to you quickly with quote and availibility.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie residence(26 very comfy and clean apartments located in and around Zakopane)

Raj Chohan from United Kingdom Reply Jan 12th, 2012

what about the snowboarding lessons

The Novacks from United States Reply Jan 4th, 2012

Just returned from our holidays in Zakopane, and we can't be more pleased with everything. Lech was absolutely fantastic with us beginners, and next time we visit our family in Poland we will be sure to stop in to say hello and have some Goraleski Tea! Many thanks to the team, Ray Novack with family

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply Nov 18th, 2011

Hello, depending on the snow fall and on low temperatures, most ski resorts usually opened few days before Christmas time ( maybe from the 17/12 this year).I think it shoul not be problem for you to find some ski resorts opened at those dates.To check which slopes are opened: it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence(very comfy apartments in Zakopane)

Apoorv from United States Reply Nov 17th, 2011

hi I am planning for skiing on 22 and 23rd that time within the skiing season? Will the ski resorts be open at that time..or am I taking a risk?

PWalsh3 from United Kingdom Reply Nov 8th, 2011

Hi Lech, we just booked our return trip and lessons through Kasia. See you on the 4th of January - looking forward to a few days on the slopes with you again.

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Nov 5th, 2011

It seems that you are beginner with driving a snowmobile.I do not think the hire company will let you go alone, maybe tyou will be joined with a second snowmobile driven by instructor speaking english over headset.In any cases, they will take high deposit, check your passport and driving license in case of accident to cover cost of fixing.

Aram from United Kingdom Reply Nov 5th, 2011

ok but I want drive snowmobile by my self is that possible ?

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Nov 4th, 2011

A license is not needed to drive a snowmobile in Zakopane.Unless you pay a very high deposit and fill up a responsibility form providing your passport details, you will not be able to drive a snowmobile without being sitting together with a snowmobile instructor.Hope it helps(Staff OgrodyGorskie, residence of comfy apartments in Zakopane)

Aram Baiz from United Kingdom Reply Nov 4th, 2011

thanks for all answer one moor thing about snowmobile dose need licence require and how many hour need practice for beginner please ?

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Nov 2nd, 2011

To learn ski and to have very good feeling and no fear, it may take about 20 hours for beginner level

Aram Baiz from United Kingdom Reply Nov 2nd, 2011

Hello I never play ski and I come to Zakopane to learn ski so how much hour I must take to be good player please ?

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Oct 25th, 2011

Usually ,snowdoo/snow mobile/snow scooter have a rate of 80 PLN/hour.Ski courses individual is more expensive than collective/group one.Most prices are listed above in that webpage.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence(very comfy and affordable apartments in and around Zakopane

aram from United Kingdom Reply Oct 24th, 2011

hello could some body till how much cost for snow mobill please in zakopane and for beginner ski how many hour need to learn to play please ?

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Oct 21st, 2011

Hello, as I wrote in previous posts: Unless huge snowfall forecast from middle November/early December in Zakopane and surroundings OR very low temperature to make some artificial snow in some resorts(if it is allowed) , most ski resorts and slopes will be opened from the beginning of Christmas holidays(from the middle-end of December).And also because most tourists will come at that period and before that it is like out of season and resorts are getting ready for the coming and rush from foreign tourists(mostly Russians) .So, if it is not possible for you to go skiing with children, you may go to different aquapark in and around Zakopane (with or without thermal water), also you may walk in Zakopane and then go to some games area for kids(Małpi Gaj in Zakopane Chyców Potok 26(Shopping center Szymonek)Free shuttle bus from Kosciuski 3 to that shopping center) There are also cinema 7D, video games in Krupwki … Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence(very comfy and affordable apartments in and around Zakopane)

Bozena from United States Reply Oct 20th, 2011

Planning a trip to Zakopane in last two weeks of November with 5 and 3 yearold grandsons and their parents. Can we ski? if not, what can I do with the children?

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply Oct 20th, 2011

Unless huge snowfall forecast from early December in Zakopane and surroundings or very low temperature to make some artificial snow in some resorts(if it is allowed) , most ski resorts and slopes will be opened from the beginning of Christmas holidays(from the middle-end of December).The closest airports are Poprad(Slovakia)airport and Krakow-Balice airport.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence(very comfy and affordable apartments in and around Zakopane)

ronan mullen from Ireland Reply Oct 20th, 2011

Can you tell me when the skiing season begins? What is the nearest airport? Are skilifts open and lessons available anytime after the end of October 2011? Thanks Ronan

Simon and Ania Forrest from United States Reply Feb 1st, 2011

My wife and i visited Zakopane on the 24 January 2011 and had a fantastic skiing experience. We had lessons from Lech and my Wife Ania benefitted masively and improved 1 million per centile. I had expert tuition and tips on carving and was able to put them into practice on Kasprowy on Sunday which was a great days skiing. Thank you Lech for all your help and patience, you are a legend...."Lets Get Ready to Rumble:!!!!!!!!!!! haaaa

RP from Italy Reply Jan 5th, 2011

sent a request concerning lessons on February 12 and 13... how long will it take to get a reply? just anxious to know if you can schedule us.

Lutz from Germany Reply Jan 3rd, 2011

We (group of 5, Daniel, Joachim, Rebecca, Sonja and Lutz) had fantastic ski and snow board lessons with Lech and Jakub. The service was amazing and they helped us out wherever they could. The progress we all had after the ski lessons were fantastic. I want to say thank you again to Lech, Jakub and the whole ski team. The other reason why I write such a good comment about the ski instructors is that I get 100 bugs next time when I see Jakub. Ha ha just kidding. It was an amazing and funny time. I really enjoyed the days in Zakopane. Stay as you are. take care and you know: you always see persons twice in life. bye the funny german Lutz

Joe & Susan from United States Reply Dec 21st, 2010

We had a great lesson with Lech yesterday. Too sore to ride today :) but enjoying some great highlander tea and sending out Christmas emails to friends and family back home.

Adamek from Poland Reply Nov 26th, 2010

Hello guys, who want to learn skiing and rent also ski equipment while in Zakopane.You may of course choose the services from that page OR you may ask me some infos and i may also suggest you some accomodations great at affordable price in and around Zakopane. from Zakopane

skier from United States Reply Jan 25th, 2010

Hey there Hoping-To-Ski -- there's no such thing as a really bad skier, there are just beginners ;) and all are welcome. We'll be sure to get you zipping down those slopes safely in now time! Lessons are a great idea for anyone starting their skiing experience.

Hoping to ski one day from United Kingdom Reply Jan 20th, 2010

Definitely need to learn. Likewise my daughter.Does it matter if we're really, really bad?!

Lech - Ski Instructor from United States Reply Jan 14th, 2010

Hi Keery In March, we have a very good conditions for skiing and we also give lessons for skiing and snowboarding :-)))) I invite all to participate in ski lessons - We work with people from all over the world:)

Kerry from United Kingdom Reply Jan 14th, 2010

We're planning a trip to Zakopane in March, do you do snowboard lessons as well as ski lessons?

ilyas from Poland Reply Jan 10th, 2010

Hý everyone.. I want to go zakopana for skiing.. ý looked price of the course per hr. it was too much and ýf is there any beginner ý can join and we all together can learn it by ourselves. it suppose to be easy to learn. more over ý want to ask question, ýf one knows, how much is it to hire skiing equippment in there? could you inform me?? bests

nat from United Kingdom Reply Jan 10th, 2010

We are coming to Zakopane on 22 February for a week, with a group from the Lancashire region in the UK. Two of us are complete beginners (just one hour on an indoor slope!!!!) and are looking for a small group or individual lessons.

Michael from United Kingdom Reply Oct 7th, 2009

I'm from the London (UK) and I'll be in Poland for a friend’s wedding the weekend of 9th Jan and staying until 17th 2010 and I would like to take the opportunity to learn to ski, if you have group lessons that individual people can join or if anyone fancies skiing between 11-16th Jan 2010 please let me know?

sasali from Ireland Reply Mar 12th, 2009

I was in Zakopane on February 14thor a week and we booked some lessons with Lech and Adam.They are 2 great guys with great patience for beginners and skiers of all levels.This was my 2nd visit to Zakopane and will be heading back again definatly.Would highly recommend Lech and Adam to anyone.Great fun and very well organised.I was in Adams inter/advanced class and my husband was in beginners with Lech.Both of us loved the lessons.Roll on the next trip !

Susannah from United Kingdom Reply Feb 25th, 2009

We have just had a great holiday with our kids skiing in Zakopane. We booked English language ski lessons with Lech and Adam who were fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend them - they also arranged all the equipment hire and helped us with recommending which slopes to visit. The Polish people were very friendly and the holiday good value - we had no problem with being ripped off by taxis or anything else. Not many Brits/Americans while we were there - seemed to be mainly Polish people on holiday.

Jack from United Kingdom Reply Feb 10th, 2009

Well, it was quite embarrassing watching 5 year-olds zip past at a hundred miles an hour whilst I fell over five times before I'd even managed to stand up properly! But thanks to Lech I got there in the end, and I can't wait now to get back on the slopes!

Julia Misztal from United Kingdom Reply Jan 8th, 2009

Many thanks to Lech and Adam for their fab lessons. We had a group lessons with Lech first, and because myslef and a friend weren't as good as the others in our group Lech gave us another instructor - Adam - so we could practise more for the same price! Thanks to bohth of you for a great experience. We'll definitely book with you again when we come back!

Nina Len from United States Reply Dec 25th, 2008

Hey Karl aren't you too much excited about Poland. Your comments are everywhere. Calm down buddy.

DARYL from Ireland Reply Dec 3rd, 2008


Jane Potter from United Kingdom Reply Oct 29th, 2008

I am looking to go on a ski (beginner) hol this Winter. Could you let me know which months are usually the best in Zakopane. A friend of mine was taught by you last year and was very pleased with the lessons and the beauty of the area.

Lech - Ski Instructors from Poland Reply Oct 13th, 2008

Dear Mrs Green. Thank you very much for your remarks. Please accept my apologies for this situation, I really could not give you and your family ski lessons last season. You have wonderful children and I would like them to have satisfaction with ski lessons with us.I warmly welcome you and your family to Zakopane this winter season. I offer you and your family five ski lesson for free:-)

JGreen from Ireland Reply Oct 7th, 2008

February 2008. The pre-booked ski instructor let us down not once but 3 times. His name was Lech and he turned up very late the first day, then just dumped us a ski rental place because he had double booked. After this he didn't even bother to turn up, just texted me or phoned to say he wanted to rearrange or cancel. This could have been a disaster except that the ski school were able to accommodate us.

karl schiele from United Kingdom Reply Jul 14th, 2008

my grandad tadeusz schiele was brillant at skking so was my great grandfather kazimierz and his twin brother aleksander l am hoping to try and do it in augest when l am over in zakopane l can not wait to be in zakopane first time for everythink

chris from United Kingdom Reply Feb 26th, 2008

Many thanks Lech,it's fantastic to go from never skiing before to be up and on the slopes.If you need a high quality English speaking instructor - Book Lech before you go.

Maria from United Kingdom Reply Feb 16th, 2008

Thanks for all your help Lech. We had really good time in Zakopane and we have definitely enjoyed skiing lessons (even thou it was quite scary for some of us at the beginning!)

Adam and Lech from Poland Reply Jan 16th, 2008

Ski and Snowboard Lessons reservations:

Duncan from United Kingdom Reply Jan 7th, 2008

hey, I had a couple of ski lessons with Lech and they were great! We went to Harenda on just the beginners slope and after just an hour I was able to go solo without falling over. Ski passes and equipment hire is dead cheap and the lessons are very reasonable priced too. Thanks Lech and thanks Zakopane Life for organising everything.

Mr Declan from Ireland Reply Jan 6th, 2008

Hi Guys we are a family of 5 coming to Zakopane in mid February for our first ever ski trip.Our kids are 12years, 9 and 4 years.Is it possible to get family ski lessons?

martin deady from Ireland Reply Apr 26th, 2007

my son and i had a great time in zacopane , lech and adam were very good instructors , the night sking was brill ,it was my son's first time sking and he had the best holiday ever , wants to go back next year, it was a great holiday

KAS from United States Reply Mar 14th, 2007

THANK U THANK U THANK U. it's too bad the weather's started to warm so early, othrwise i'd be back this season for more.

Teresa Smith from United Kingdom Reply Mar 12th, 2007

We booked our instructors throug this site. They were great, lech and Adam (johnny bravo)They took 5 non skiers and had them skiing down red runs by the end of the week. see you next year thanks

Rich from United States Reply Feb 28th, 2007

Hey guys, thanks for being so flexible with our group! we really appreciate all your help - especially with arranging the equipment. See you next year!

... from United Kingdom Reply Feb 26th, 2007

To Lech and Adam our ski instructors - if they managed to get us to ski they will be able to teach anyone!