Ski Rental

It's not much fun on the slopes if you have to hassle around spending hours to find skis and boots to rent. Even worse when you finally find yourself with a pair of tired old boots and hammered-to-death skis for which you have to pay a small fortune. We've made all these mistakes, so you don't have to!

If you'd like to hire brand new skis and boots from an outstanding local company who will take care of you, please just email us at ( and we'll take care of all the arrangements. The brilliant thing is that skis and boots can also be delivered to your hotel or apartment if you wish! In addition, ski lessons can be arranged - just email for full information and assistance.


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dedi kral from Slovakia Reply Feb 15th, 2016

hello, i would like to get an offer for ski rental and corse from the 23.3 for 3 days, this is the list: 2 adult -ski set 2 adult- snowbord set 2 children-ski set 2 children(9,10)- ski set+course (3 days*3 hours) we will like to pick up the ski evening before,until what time you are open? please give me your best rate, thank you' Mr Kral

Emma from United Kingdom Reply Jan 15th, 2016

Hi. I need to rent ski equipment only. how can i do this?

Julija from Latvia Reply Oct 29th, 2015

Hi! I am beginner and would like to have ski-lessons.Is it impssible to book a ski instructor from 27-28 december till 02-03 january?

Giridhar Panga Reply Oct 11th, 2014

hello, Can you please tell me if there are some ski companies which provide me skiing equipment +ski pass +stay at the mountain. I am looking for a 5 day stay in south of Poland in December between 21st to 29th. I will start from warsaw. thank you

Susan B. from United States Reply Jan 27th, 2014

We booked lessons that included rental of equipment. Although we had our own clothing I believe they provided the option for rental of this as well. The equipment (skis) were in excellent condition and renting terms were easy and convenient.

Susie from Australia Reply Oct 31st, 2013

Hi a friend and I are coming to ski over Christmas and we were wondering if your able to hire ski pants and jackets?

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Dec 16th, 2012

Hello Dear, If you are beginner, we advise you to take care of yourself by stretching your muscles and joint articulations, also to have some ski lessons, to ski more and more day by day on same slopes and to have some breaks and see how you have improved your ski level. About glasses, It is really suitable for you to wear your own sunglasses to avoid any accidents for you and others.Maybe you may add some polarised lenses on your glasses if it is getting to sunny on the ski slopes.Have a nice time in zakopane and feel free to ask any other questions you may have before your coming.Regards. Staff of Apart-center and Ogrodygorskie residence(26 very comfy and cozy apartments in Zakopane);-)

pejman from Denmark Reply Dec 15th, 2012

Hi I don't know that much about ski. I was interested to find out how many ski rides a day is normal to take place in an easy slope by a beginner. My other question is if I can wear a pair of sunglasses with power (medical) instead of ski glasses, because I can't see well while I am not wearing glasses.

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Oct 27th, 2012

Hello Andreas, I found some information about ski jumping tickets for 2013 on . you can buy tickets on that website: . Hope my answer heps.From staff of Ogrodygorskie residence( 26 comfy and cosy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Andreas from Germany Reply Oct 25th, 2012

Hy! Where can I buy tickets for the ski jumping in Zakopane? We need 4 tickets!

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jul 29th, 2012

Hi, I would advise you to contact Go Ski Zakopane by email : and ask if they have that size.Otherwise, you would have to try to rent it in an other ski rental shop.The cost rental is about 45 PLN/day so maybe it would be better to take yours if you can.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie apartments in Zakopane

Dafydd from United Kingdom Reply Jul 28th, 2012

I was in Zakopane for a short visit last winter. Does anyone know where I can easily hire a snowboard for large feet {size 12 UK}? I have a wide snowboard at home but I want to rent in Zakopane.

heinz from Germany Reply Apr 3rd, 2012

hello, want to know the date of fis worldcup skijumping 2013 in zakopane. is it definitly 11.+12.01.2013 (friday, saturday). want to order 4 tickets for competition on saturday, best category, best sector. can you manage it an d send price informations. tickets will be pick up in zakopane main street ? best regards, heinz

Ruairi from Ireland Reply Jan 23rd, 2012

Thank you for your help

ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2012

Hello, Most ski rental shops rent ski, poles and boots.Also goggles, and helmet.For ski clothes, I know one shop whose link is: .Hope the answer helps.Staff of residence( 26 comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Ruairi from Ireland Reply Jan 22nd, 2012

Hi was wondering if the ski rental shops rent all the gear needed to Ski including Jackets and Ski bottoms.

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jan 17th, 2012

Hello, of course you can rent snowblade, telemark, snowboards, big foot and ski in most of rental shops in Zakopane.Prices are from 10PLN to 40 PLN , and can be rented per hour or per day.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie residence( 26 comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jan 17th, 2012

Hello, of course you can rent snowblade, telemark, snowboards, big foot and ski in most of rental shops in Zakopane.Prices are from 10PLN to 40 PLN , and can be rented per hour or per day.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie residence( 26 comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Louise from South Africa Reply Jan 17th, 2012

hallo, can one rent "snowblades" in Zakopane?

Matthew from United States Reply Nov 22nd, 2011

do you rent traditional Telemark boots and skis?

GoSKI! Rental from Poland Reply Oct 12th, 2011

Hello leithreas from Ireland -- Zakopane is an excellent destination for skiing and I am sure you will enjoy your trip! Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange your ski rental; we offer excellent rates on our well kept equipment, with the option of hotel delivery! Lots of freebies as well, including a unique multimedia album with shots of the Tatras... - I look forward to hearing from you :)

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Oct 11th, 2011

Hello Leithreas, most of ski resorts have ski and equipment rental nearby the slopes but very few of shops offer the possibility to leave ski and equipment at the end of each day.So, you have to give back all or take back all with you in your car, or to the apartment.Anyway the prices are almost the same if you rent for one day or to 6 days the ski and equipments.Discounts apply mostly from 6 days rental.Hope my anwer helps.

leithreas from Ireland Reply Oct 5th, 2011

Hi group of us travelling out with kids in February and wanted to check is there a ski shop near/next to the slopes where we can hire skis, boots and helmets? Do the ski shops offer a facitlity that we can leave boots and skis in the shop at the end each day? All advice welcome.

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Mar 31st, 2011

Hello Pani Louise, most ski rental comapnies usually rent helmet and also ski glasses separately of the ski and boots.As well, some rent ski jackets, trousers, sleighs.Hope the answer helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Zakopane

Louise from Denmark Reply Mar 29th, 2011

When renting snowboard and boots does a helmet come with that as well or do you rent that separately and can you rent helmets?

Paulo from United States Reply Dec 15th, 2010

How much costs rent clothes for a day?

Adamek from United States Reply Dec 14th, 2010

hello, I think that most shops do not rent clothes or gloves but may rent helmet and ski glasses.I think you may buy some clothes and gloves in the many second hand shops that there are in Zakopane, not far from the main High Street.

Hiro Ando from Japan Reply Dec 13th, 2010

Hello, I would like to know that they rent also gloves, clothes.

Martin from United States Reply Nov 12th, 2010

Super skis and service! Thanks Leszek and also to the rest of your team. You were fantastic last year, and we've recommended you to our friends who will be visiting in January 2011!

Jonny from United States Reply Jan 27th, 2010

Is that the ski instructor in the pic?

K8 from United States Reply Dec 21st, 2009

Thank you! My family and I were fitted properly and the equipment is new I was very impressed. We will book through you again next season.

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Dec 20th, 2009

They have amazing equipment!