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From historic five-star palaces to clean and modern hostels, St. Petersburg offers a room to visitors of every budget. What's more, many of the best hotels are well-located in the very heart of the city, making them ideal choices for tourists who want to spend their time in grand museums and splendid cathedrals rather than in buses and taxis. In upmarket hotels you can expect a high level of English but some budget options may have you practicing your sign language. Good luck!

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Top rated hotels in St Petersburg

Hotel Astoria

Plush hotel on St. Isaac's Square

Exclusive     City Centre

Hotel California

Welcome to the...

Hostel     City Centre

Grand Hotel Europe

The Grand don't come for free

Exclusive     City Centre

Karamazov Brothers Hotel

Dostoevsky-inspired three-star hotel

Mid-range     City Centre

Nord Hostel

Backpackers never had it so good

Hostel     City Centre

Fifth Sovetskaya 21

'Bed and breakfast' is so passe!

Mini-hotel     City Centre

Angleterre Hotel

Vive L'Angleterre

Exclusive     City Centre

Radisson Royal Hotel

The royal treatment

5 star     City Centre

Petersburg Minihotels

It's mini and it's a hotel...

Mini-hotel     City Centre


Swiss-run, modern b'n'b

Mini-hotel     City Centre
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