Art Of The 20th Century


01-01-2000 until 19-01-2038 2 Griboyedov Canal

Renovated exposition of the 20th century art presents the creative oeuvre of such outstanding masters às M.Vrubel, V.Serov, K.Petrov-Vodkin, W.Kandinsky, K.Malevich and P.Filonov as well as the members of such arc societies as "The World of Art", "jack of Diamonds", "Donkey's Tail", "Blue Rose", "Union of Youth", "Four Arts", "Ost". The works of such Soviet artists as A. Deineka, Y. Pimenov and G.Korzhev present art of the war and postwar periods.

Opening hours:

Tue Closed
Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00
Thu 13:00-21:00

Art Of The 20th Century

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