Best Places in Zakopane 2018

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Over the past year, the Local-Life team have had a cracking time eating, drinking, learning, exploring, working & playing in the home of the Highlander's, Zakopane. There are so many fantastic things to enjoy and although we love rewarding them every year with our ‘Local Life Best Places Awards’, it’s really hard to decide who amongst the sea of spectacular Krakow places is the BEST!

So, we spent a month fasting in a cave, high up the sheer face of an inaccessible mountain where we brainstormed together in isolation. We discussed which pubs have the best beer, the best concerts and the best energy, which clubs had us dancing until the sun rose, which cafes & restaurants put us in a trance with their flavours, kept us coming back for more. We thought back on which services had been the most useful and reliable, which cultural centres and events had touched our hearts and given us a piece of theirs.

By the time the month of meditative list making came to an end - we had a list. A really great list full of the truly stand out places in Zakopane and we were really excited. We put our wingsuits on, flew from our brainstorming cave to the Local Life office and now we’re finally ready to announce…

The winners of the 15th Annual Local Life Best Places Awards for 2018!




Zakopane's Best Restaurants


Karczma po zbóju

Góralska Tradycja

Le Chalet



Zakopane's Best Cultural Centres






Zakopane's Best Hotels







not shown