Best Places in Zakopane in 2013

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When in a new city, how do you find just the right place to eat, sleep or party? Well, asking around some obliging locals is one option, but what we recommend at Local Life Zakopane is our hand-picked selection of Best Places. And rest assured that we know our deal, as we have been selecting Best Places awardees in Krakow since 2006, to much acclaim of our readers.

For the first time ever in Zakopane, we have chosen five best venues in five cathegories: Eat, Sleep, Drink, Play and Culture. And what is the inspiration behind these accolades? The answer is simply: to reward and encourage excellence in products, service and ideas. As a barometer of all that goes on in the city, we at Local Life Zakopane feel it's our responsibility to point our readers in the direction of the very best Zakopane has to offer. And since we are the picky, yet democratic to the bone sort of crew, we have chosen the best Zakopane venues on the basis of number and quality of visitor's comments. Just look out for our blue and white stickers and a plaque saying 'Best Place 20013' and you know you have found one!

Don't forget then to exercise your vote and place a review on Local Life Zakopane. Simply search by the relevant category and then press the review button at the bottom of the page to add your comments.

Remember too, that at any place bearing a Best Place sticker is also a hotspot where you can pick up one of our free maps to the city.

And the 2013 Best Place award goes to...


Karcma po Zbóju
Mała Szwajcaria
Nosalowy Dwor


Hotel Sabała
Villa Marilor
Hotel Wersal
Hotel Crocus
Hotel Belvedere


Tatrzański Dworzec
Cafe Tygodnik Podhalański
La Playa
Cafe Piano
Cafe Samanta


Aqua Park
Ski & Snowboard School STRAMA
Witów - Ski
GO!Ski - Ski Rental


Villa Atma
Witkacy Theatre
Tatra Museum
Wladyslaw Hasior Gallery
Kornel Makuszynski Museum



not shown

Pewnie, zwłaszcza, ze Atma działała pół roku w 2013. BEST PLACE. Puknijcie sie w głowę.

Reply Mar 19th, 2014