Programme for Wroclaw NonStop 2006

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June 23rd

The Pressure Tower lllumination

Events will be going on throughout the day of the 23rd, but the festival's official opening is reserved for 22:15 at 14 Na Grobli Street.

June 24th

Chopin From Dawn 'til Dusk

A series of concerts celebrating the music of national hero Frederyk Chopin (- don't tell any Pole that he thought himself more French than Polish!) will take place in front of the composer's monument in Poludniowy Park on the 24th. As early as 7am the Wroclaw Music Academy will kicking off proceedings with a faithful rendition of Chopin's compositions, after which a diverse range of artists - from jazz to folk - will be giving some more modern interpretations.

Midsummer Night on Piaskowa Island

Help Wroclaw celebrate the Pagan festival of Midsummer Night on the 24th June, on the atmospheric environs of the Piaskowa Island (Wyspa Piasek) on the river Odra. Basically one big excuse for a party, the 24th will be celebrated with flamenco music, concerts, bonfires and some good old pagan rituals - the favourite being the throwing of wreathes into the river to find 'a crock of gold'. Expect a lot of dancing, pyrotechnics and all-round merriment!

25th June

Horse Racing

Head down to the Wrocław Horse Racing Track "Partynice", at 2 Zwycieska Street and place some bets. Don't forget your hat - and a copy of the Racing Post. Eight races will be run, starting at noon.

5th Jubilee Boat Race of VIPs

Watch Wroclaw's most important personages sweat it out on the Odra for the chance to win this light-hearted contest. The VIPs will be introduced to the people at the Driada vessel, near the Targowa Hall at 17:00, before racing down the river to the Hotel Tumski. A concert in the Tumski follows the event.

Al. Jarreau

The Grammy award-winning 'man with an orchestra in his voice' will be wowing the crowd with his instrumental singing at the Main Market Square. Unmissable!


If you weren't spoiled for choice already Sunday the 25th also offers music lovers 'wRock', a day of rock and ragga music on Piaskowa. Bands like Zion Train and Vavamuffin have a loyal following in Wroclaw so expect a right roisterous rollick! 14:00 onwards...

June 26th

Trip Hop Urban Island

It's back to the island again on Monday for what promises to be a more chilled affair than the weekend's hedonistic happenings. Acclaimed new jazz/soul/trip-hop artist Ursula Rucker from Philadelphia heads a line-up of acts that can broadly be labelled 'urban'.

June 27th

Ethno Rainbow Tent

The name suggests that this isn't a meeting of the right wing Youth of Poland party, and indeed it isn't. Instead spread a little love by getting involved with Brazilian percussion workshops and African dance sessions. The tent will be opening its flaps (so to speak) everyday from the 27th June by the Targowa Hall, culminating with a NonStop Samba on the 2nd July.

June 28th

The Night of Polish Rock

Does what it says on the tin! If you don't know anything about Poland's rock scene then head down to Liverpool club , 37 Swidnicka Street. It's free entry and bands like Kult and Pyjama Porn are well worth checking out!

Grafitti NonStop

Come on, when was the last time you were able to spray paint a public monument and the police can't lift a finger?! Starting with the walls of Wroclaw Zoo on the 28th, after three days of vandalism the license to ill moves to Spoleczny Square on 1-2 July.

Independent Wroclaw - Day 1

Another date on Piaskowa Island, this time with the inimitable Asian Dub Foundation. Expect some bone-crushing drum and bass mixed in with traditional Indian drums and sitars. Supporting the London ensemble will be Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa and Joint Venture Sound System. This event will be ticketed at 25 zloty on the day or 20 zloty in advance.

June 29th

Independent Wroclaw - Day 2

The second day of Indepedent Wroclaw takes place on the 29th, this time with world-class dance acts Vadim Oneself (a three man collaboration, centred on the legendary Dj Vadim) and local heroes Skalpel - both children of London's Ninja Tune records. If you're even vaguely interested in dance music you would be mad to miss this one. 17 zl. on the day or 12 zl. in advance.

June 30th

Science Fiction and Fantasy Days

Talk ogres and dwarves with writers from across Europe, and then why not indulge in a little bit of battle-gaming or role-playing? Get your twenty-sided dice out and it's bagsy me to be the wizard! The convention takes place from the 30th June - 2nd July at Wroclaw's Culture Centre (Swietojanski Square).

July 1st

Joe Satriani

Not to be confused with Joey Tribiani, the guitar maestro from the States will be wowing the Wroclawians with his technical mastery of that most beautiful of instruments. Hit the Main Square on the 1st for a real treat!

July 2nd

Buena Vista Social Club

Eliades Ochoa of the Buena Vista Social Club will be closing this year's festival with a concert on the Main Market Square. The guitarist and vocalist has been involved with music for over forty years and played all around the world - a bit of Cuban magic should prove the perfect finish to another great year!


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