Any TEXAS fans out there?!

How 'bout them 'Horns!!!!!!

- Posted by austin from Poland on Jan 5th, 2006

That "Quarterback" (I'm using the term very loosly) is going to get hammered in the NFL...They won because Reggie Bush literally through it away, not because they did anything special! Go Canes in '07:)

- Posted by GetUpKid from Poland on Jan 12th, 2006

OH MY DAD, ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?!?! They won because they're a better team. They have been a better team all year long and yet, somehow, there still remain a few pockets of crazies who continue to buy in to the hype they themselves had built up all year long about a "one-pete" team. and bush didn't "throw away the game" - he got SHUT DOWN!! not surprising at all, actually. it's about the first time all year long he had played a real defense. he finished up with, what, 80 yards and a questionable score? compared to Vince, aka best college player of all time, who single-handedly had about 500 yards and 5 tds. (proof positive that the powers-that-be, voting for the heisman, buy into the same aforementioned hype). ah, but why get excited? the cream always rises to the top, baby. besides ohio state was a tougher game anyway. they could have beaten usc as well. as for '07: hmmm, i venture to think that UT will have a few things to say about that year as well! see you then!

- Posted by austin from Poland on Jan 24th, 2006

R u dziolking ?

- Posted by natascha from Poland on Feb 3rd, 2006

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