Could anyone recommend me a laptop service point?

Hi, I am a student living in Warsaw. Few days ago, my rabbit made a mistake(...) on my laptop keyboard and as a result, my laptop is having a slight, but a big, problem... The laptop is working very well, except few keys, which are probably damaged due to the liquid... The most important keys such as number 1, backspace, function key and esc key are all not working... Could anyone recommend me a laptop service point in Warsaw (preferably near Œródmieœcie)? How much does it normally cost to change the keyboard of laptop or fix the keyboard related components? (sorry for my ignorance... I am really not friendly with computers... =S ) Last time,my boyfriend brought his laptop in just to be formatted and he was charged 150 z³! I honestly think that was too much... Looking forward to hearing from you =) Take care!!

- Posted by hjfcmnb from Poland on Nov 14th, 2009

pczone? i found them in the services section here. you should probably do something about the rabbit ... i have some nice recipes too if you need them

- Posted by 00citizen00 from Poland on Nov 16th, 2009

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