What is going wrong in Krakow?

I have just returned from the very beautiful city of Krakow. I really enjoyed my trip except for one aspect...the anti British/western attitude of a very small minority. I am a 34 year old mature guy sitting in a bar minding my own business when I am suddenly randomly abused in a vile fashion by a local guy. The man was not a youth nor drunk - he must of been late '30's at the very least.He was saying random stuff like 'drop dead', 'go home'etc. I was shocked. I am not British but Irish and I expect some Poles hate all Western Europeans. Later I also saw a British guy being the victim of a serious assault and he was knocked out cold. I know it is a very small minority but racist attacks should be dealt with. I had the impression that the perpetrators were acting in the knowledge that Westerners are fair game ie. the Police turn a blind eye. There was also a Nazi type March late in the evening and did not make for a very relaxing evening. I am speaking as someone who lived with a Polish flatmate for a year so I have no axe to grind and I am very much fond off your people and culture. I think these guys should know better than most that nazism and intolerance is not the way forward.

- Posted by ga-loot from Poland on Jul 7th, 2009

I am sorry to hear about your experience, it must have been really upsetting. I spend about 5 days every month or so in Krakow where I have bought a flat and have never, ever, experienced or witnessed such appalling behaviour. My husband hasn't, either. I really hope that this was a"one-off" for you and that it won't put you off from visitig Krakow again. Really, the people are normally very friendly and welcoming and grateful for tourism.

- Posted by katiecat from Poland on Aug 5th, 2009

wow, galoot, it loooks like you had the worst luck ever in Krakow! i've spent plenty of time in Krakow and the worst I have seen is drunk Poles saying rude things in Polish to similarly drunk Brits, though since neither understand eachother they usually ignore each other and move on with life. as for nazi gatherings, i haven't heard of such a thing in krakow, but for example during the gay pride/tolerance march there are plenty of scary-looking anti-protesters as well. krakow is moving forward and getting better every year, but unfortunately it is a long painful process.

- Posted by Fruity from Poland on Aug 5th, 2009

It sounds odd that there seemed to be a Nazi march in Krakow, as it was the Nazis that were hell-bent on destroying Poles and all of Poland during WW2. However, the rest of your unfortunate story seems to be a collection of, quite simply, bad luck and coincidence. I lived in Krakow during all of last summer and had no problems. It's a big shame, and I'm sorry you had to experience all that! I'm sure next time (if you should ever decide to come back) you'd have a proper blast!

- Posted by SuperHoopski from Poland on Aug 6th, 2009

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