I've got 3 days. What do I do?

Hello, Warsaw! I'm coming to see you in a few weeks. I'm a first timer and I have no clue how to spend the three days we will have together. I've heard you're big and sometimes overwhelming. I'd like to make the most of our time together. What should I do???

- Posted by outSider from Poland on Oct 13th, 2005

Hey! First, you must enter the last floor at the Palace of Culture and Science. :) you can see whole Warsaw then. While being upstairs you can choose where to go - it's good to see Praga district - it's the last part of the pre-war Warsaw, then you should come to have a stroll in one of our beatiful parks. Afterwards you must see brand new: Warsaw Uprising Museum! Also, you can visit Warsaw historical museum - you can watch there a film about pre-Warsaw - It used to be a very beatiful city!! ("Paris of East"). Don't forget to have some fun in one of our clubs or pubs!

- Posted by borek.m from Poland on Oct 13th, 2005

i calculate that with some sleep you have 60 hours to spend in the big W >you're set. borek.m made some good points but for dinner stop at bordo on chmielna or la cantina on nowy swiat and nightlife you need to check out foksal 19 or cynamon to start, then a dancing venue like tango and cash or enclave for some great laughs, and end the night at sheesha or lemon after parties.

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Oct 13th, 2005

can't say i agree with kriminal on some of the choices - foksal 19 & cynnamon are notorious for stiff selection and and A*hole bouncer at cyn.., i wouldn't waste my time... polyester off the new town is nice, as is le madame about a block away from the new town square - real alternative place that attracts a diverse crowd. of course, you should check out this site's events page for up-to-date happenings around town, i've found most are central and easily accessed by public transport or minimal cab fare: http://warsaw-life.com/events/calendar/month.php

- Posted by KasiaBasia from Poland on Oct 13th, 2005

don't be bitter just bc some guy didn't let you in > those two places are really great. if you're a le madame follower, then it sounds like you probably wouldnt enjoy them anyways K B ...

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Oct 13th, 2005

wow! thanks for the tips. and I see i've started a squabble... those are always fun. um, what about billiards or bowling or laser tag? finally, if i was to take my lady friend out for a nice dinner, where should i go?

- Posted by outSider from Poland on Oct 13th, 2005

I suggest Dom Polski for a REALLY fancy and rather EXPENSIVE meal!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Oct 17th, 2005

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