Help. Anyone for a night out..?

Hi everyone, I've got to take some time off work short notice (use up holidays) and therefore have decided to head over to Poland for a few days 20th Nov to 27th Nov. Apart from doing the touristy stuff I'd like to experience a few wicked nights out. Being last minute have no-one to travel with...yes I will be Billy no-mates. Anyone feel charitable enough to show me around?? Very young 34 and love all types of pubs/bars and clubs. An incredably attractive women would be my first choice, but anyone who fancies a beer and laugh or two will do!!!

- Posted by James1974 from Poland on Nov 5th, 2008

id recommend you take a few days to visit krakow for some fun.....

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

Thanks for the advice. Where would you suggest? Would you say it's better than Warsaw for a short visit? Thx James

- Posted by james1974 from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

If you're here for a week then you can do Warsaw and Krakow. You can get the inter-city train to Krakow which takes under three hours.I'm sure you'll find loads to do in both cities and they each have very different atmospheres. The nasty bit is that a return ticket Warsaw-Krakow will set you back 204PLN and thats 45 quid!

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

Thanks very much. I would actually like to visit Auschwitz which I understand is close to Krakow? I know that's a bit macabre, but I think it would be a very interesting place to experience and understand. But of course I want a few decent nights out too. £45 rtn train ticket isn't too should try Virgin Rail in UK!!

- Posted by james1974 from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

Hi James74 you must visit Auschwitz since you are here. Definitely. I did and highly recommend. We staying in Krakow for a few as the Old Town there is amazing!

- Posted by warsawa08 from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

I can't guarantee it at the moment as I'm pretty busy but might be able to show you round a few pubs in Warsaw sometime next week if you find yourself at a loose end.

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

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