Nights out?

Any clubs, meets etc. for english speaking people in Warsaw. If not is anyone interested in starting up a group which could meet up maybe once a week/month to moan, grumble, laugh, cry about living here and hopefully have a few pints in the process.

- Posted by Ironside from Poland on Nov 4th, 2008

hi Iron!! i'm definitely keen. let me know if you get a group together. the weather is gross and i'd be up for a gzane piwo!

- Posted by warsawa08 from Poland on Nov 5th, 2008

You can happily count me in for this idea as well. Unless you're a bunch of boring computer analysts, thermo nuclear rocket engineers, accountants or nazis ;)

- Posted by emilyS from Poland on Nov 6th, 2008

I would also join you. Do you have any suggest for a date and a place?

- Posted by lilith from Poland on Nov 6th, 2008

Count me in. But someone has to organise it in some way or other. I would suggest somewhere not too busy and not too noisy so we can have a chat. Always good to meet new folk. Since it was Ironside's idea I think he should set a time and a date. Maybe wait until a few more people show some interest in the idea though otherwise it may really end up as a thermo nuclear rocket engineer sitting staring at a nazi!!!!!

- Posted by fast-eddie from Poland on Nov 7th, 2008

Someone that want some fun this weekend?

- Posted by Lilith from Poland on Nov 26th, 2008

sorry lilith i'm away this weekend.

- Posted by warsawa08 from Poland on Nov 27th, 2008

Can we ever get round to organising something?

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Dec 2nd, 2008

Hello all, I probably shouldn't mention another site but there seems to be a bunch of expats meet up quite often, organised through All very friendly. I'm looking to arrange a Bowling afternoon this coming Sunday 14th. I need to book a few lanes, but probably around 4pm in town. Anyone interested.

- Posted by CraigT from Poland on Dec 8th, 2008

Happy new year! Let us get together, and can someone please suggest a date and a place?

- Posted by Lilith from Poland on Jan 7th, 2009

Hey, i am new heer as well and can't wait to meet new people! Still in for a roundtable?

- Posted by lizmomo from Poland on Jan 19th, 2009

so is there already a group existing now or not???

- Posted by franky from Poland on Jan 24th, 2009

Hey guys, I'd also like to know if anything got organised here- I'm new in Warsaw so I'd love to meet up

- Posted by corleone from Poland on Feb 18th, 2009

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