Why is Warsaw so Expensive?

Why is Warsaw so damned expensive? I've been puzzled by this since I moved here. I have only ever managed to find a couple of things that actually worked out cheaper in Warsaw than in the UK. Considering what most people seem to earn I really have no idea how they manage to survive. Even supermarkets don't seem to do deals on things and as for the price of electronics etc. they are simply outrageous. Even though I would like to help support the economy of the country I am living in I seem to be increasingly purchasing things I need via the internet, mainly from UK and Germany and even with P&P costs they still work out cheaper. I decided to post this as this mornings Metro newspaper says that prices are set to rise AGAIN because of the financial crisis.

- Posted by fast-eddie from Poland on Oct 30th, 2008

I was looking at the new Seasick Steve CD in Empik last night and it was 67 zloty (15 quid)went home ordered it online from UK with free p&p and BINGO! it came in at 8 quid, which is 35 zloty! That's almost half the Empik price! Enough to make ya seasick.

- Posted by Schabowy from Poland on Nov 13th, 2008

Yes - it's getting totally out of control. Recently I have ordered and bought the following items over the internet from the UK - car tyres, printer toner, baggage trolleys, DVDs, car parts, Apple Mac computers. In all cases it worked out far cheaper, even once transport costs were factored in. I'd prefer to buy locally, but for some items it is just not worth it. I still buy potatoes locally - you can't beat 80 grosz per kilo!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Nov 14th, 2008

yeah it's expensive and supposedly no one has money BUT THE STORES ARE PACKED FULL ESPECIALLY ON WEEKENDS AND PEOPLE ARE BUYING EVERYTHING FROM FOOD TO CLOTHING AS IF THE WORLD WAS GOING TO END TOMORROW.... maybe they just eat those 80grosz potatoes everyday to save up.

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Nov 18th, 2008

Thank God for the little markets (Bazareks) around Warsaw. Great fresh products, great prices and stall keepers who are a million times friendlier and happier than 90% of the prats who work in the supermarkets and shops.

- Posted by emilyS from Poland on Nov 25th, 2008

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