Euro 2012 in Poznan

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Yes, against all the odds, Poland and Ukraine will be hosting the European Football Championships in 2012! Their joint bid was announced successful by UEFA chief Michel Platini in Cardiff on 18th April 2007, winning out over more favoured bids by Italy and Croatia/Hungary - and causing widespread jubilation throughout the two Eastern Europe countries.

The action will be spread over six cities in Poland: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Chorzow and Krakow; and four cities in Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk. Kiev's Olympic Stadium, which hosted the football at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, is the proposed venue for the final.

Above: The planned stadium for Poznan, which will be finished in 2010, and will have a capacity of 46.5 thousand and cost 152 million PLN.

Since the announcement that Poznan was picked as one of the cities to host Euro 2012, the city has been making preparations. While the construction of the national stadium in Warsaw won't begin until spring of 2009, at the moment Poznan has the most advanced preparations so far, and the city has begun working on a local stadium already.

Hosting the European Championships will also be a chance to improve the city's infrastructure, as well as transport to Poznan, as thousands of kilometres of railways and highways will be built or modernized between the major match cities. Transport within the city will have to be improved as well, so that visitors can easily travel between the stadium and hotels. New hotels will be built to accommodate the Euro 2012 visitors, and no doubt the event will bring thousands of tourists to the city that might not have otherwise had a chance to discover Poznan's charm.


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Hi Guys I am emailing on behalf of myself and the Irish people We had a really great time in Poland over the European Cup. Everyone was so nice and the craic surely was great. I never had Poland on my list of holiday destination but next year i will be taking my family for a week and it’s a lovely place and best of all lovely people. All my friends have also advised that they intend to go back to Poznan for a holiday also. The billboards up around Dublin today is great to see. Lovely friendly Gesture i must say Thanks to everyone who was involved J Colm.

Reply Jul 9th, 2012

C'mon the Boys in Green!!!

Reply Jun 8th, 2012
Dante Montoban

After taking a quick look at some of the comments I do not think anyone from Ireland can take the high moral ground when it comes to over inflated hotel prices, in the past we have set the bar pretty high when it comes to ripping people off. I have hotels in Poznan and Gdansk booked and while the prices may be higher than they would be normally, I do not feel that I was ripped off. I am really looking forward to vititing your cities Poznan and Gdansk

Reply Jun 6th, 2012

Hi I stayed in St Petersburg a couple of years ago and stayed in an apartment to save money...big regret what a s*** hole. However €600 for the night of the game in a 3 star hotel for the game is a bit "Irish"!!!

Reply Jun 5th, 2012
Tony Hughes

Prices in Poznan have come down a little but what a rip off ..shame on you Poznan i thought Galway races in Ireland were a rip off but Poznan has eclipsed the hoteliers there!

Reply Jun 5th, 2012
United States

On my way to Poznan to pick up my camper van 12 days 8000,00zl all good . I do not have a campsite is there a site set up close to the stadium ? will the police move us if we go GYPSY

Reply Jun 2nd, 2012

Instead of thousands of Irish fans spending their money in Poznan, Irish fans are staying elsewhere in Germany and poland and spending their money there. Well done Poznan on losing millions of euro for being greedy!

Reply Jun 1st, 2012

Hotels are really overpriced, that's true. However, there are lots of private apartments for rent. Apparently, it's harder to find one.

Reply May 7th, 2012

I'm half polish half dutch and yes, I'm a bit ashamed what is going on with the prices. If anyone is interested, we have good affordable basic accomodation just a 45 min drive from Poznan on our family cottage during EURO 2012.

Reply May 2nd, 2012
Mark Bradshaw
United Kingdom

Hi Folks, Mark here from (the booking engine you can see on this site on the right hand side). We are pretty shocked at the high prices that hotels in Poznan are asking for rooms during the Euro. We're actually thinking of dropping some of them from our booking system unless they are prepared to give better prices. I think no-one minds hotels even doubling their prices during such events, but I have seen some increase prices ten-fold. Feel free to keep checking out offers on (we cover almost all the cities for Euro) but for now do not expect miracles! Let me know your thoughts too on any particular hotels that have been offering extortionate prices, and we will try calling to put some pressure on them (we're a UK company but have offices in Poland) Cheers, Mark

Reply Apr 27th, 2012

'j' whats the name of your hotel and I will check the prices 'from Ireland' and get back to you. There is not a hotel room to be found in Poznan for less than 600 euro per night. And thats 3*. Radisson Blu in Berlin for us 5* for half the price.

Reply Apr 24th, 2012
United Kingdom

total nonsense. We've our room booked three of us two night £56 for the Croatia game anyone who thinks Poznan will be expensive compared to Ireland is out of their mind

Reply Apr 23rd, 2012
Poznań girl

I just want to say no matter in which country would be the euro cup the hotels and pubs be expensive that's the way it is anyway ye talkin about rip off look at the prices ere sick u need at least 100 euro for few drinks u were never in Poznan so u don't know what's the prices like u can write down comment when u back and say then what's the prices like

Reply Apr 19th, 2012

Can I just ask have the people complaining about prices what planet have you guys been living on? Have you ever been to a popular tourist resort before? Of course the prices are going to go up I mean, do you think Dublin would be any different if Ireland were to hold a major tournament? I'd like to see the price of a pint(never mind a hotel room) in Temple bar if that was ever to happen.Tourist get ripped off everywhere get over it.

Reply Apr 4th, 2012

Are you nuts? OFC there will be people in Poland&Ukraine that will try to ripp you off. OMG what a DISCOVERY! But instead of whinning, you could spend some more time while seeking good place. You have to go deeper ;) Maybe it's on the second page of Google. Try to find some cheaper places, I guarantee there's like millions of place in Poznań because I live there! You just pick the most popular links on the web = rip OFF. And what a surprise - already taken, so be fast. Take care my Irish friends :)

Reply Mar 29th, 2012
stuart thompson

looking for somewhere to stay during the european championships that supplies electricity and water for a campervan

Reply Mar 28th, 2012

Staying in Berlin because the people of Poznan are ripping off Irish fans. Won't be be visiting an Polish bars or restaurants either. Boycott Poznan!!!!

Reply Mar 21st, 2012

I say boycott Poznan because of Hotel prices - a disgrace

Reply Mar 15th, 2012

We offer places on the camping site, placed few minutes of driving, to the City Stadium on Euro 2012 in Poznan ! Camping Poland - casual atmosphere and excellent accessibility, near the center of Poznań (Poznan) feel free to contact us.

Reply Mar 2nd, 2012
Martin Utsola

I have a summer haus in Kosmowo, Zydowo, 1/2 houer driving from Poznan, safe and cloust aria, if someone is interested send a mail

Reply Feb 29th, 2012

I would like to rent apartment on Euro 2012, 3 rooms and parking place on closed area.

Reply Feb 19th, 2012

My buddies and I will also commute from Berlin because Poznan is ripping people off.

Reply Feb 16th, 2012

Iagree with Lex from Ireland, prices are a complete rip off its a joke. I was going to stay with 5 family members, we would have spent a lot of money eating and drinking there, but not the way the businness in poznan are trying to rip us off. We will also stay and paarty in germany, you can keep you overpriced hotels and apartments.

Reply Jan 17th, 2012

Hotel prices are a rip-off. I wanted to sleep in one not buy the hotel. Looks like we'll all be staying and spending our money in Berlin

Reply Dec 4th, 2011

Poland will NOT win but Poland will put on an incredible party - I promise!

Reply Jun 20th, 2011
Jamie P.
United Kingdom

Can't wait till Euro 2012! Go Poznan go!

Reply Mar 29th, 2010

poland can you win euro 2012

Reply Feb 10th, 2009