Why NOT marry an Eastern European woman?

Why NOT marry an Eastern European woman? If you are nursing the idea of getting married to a woman from any of the Russian states, get ready for a strange and new eye opening experience. From the very beginning it is destined not to be an easy ride. Starting from the differences in mentality, the language barrier, the usual age gap between the two of you, and finishing with the intimidating immigration process in the former soviet countries, this project of yours may become one of your worst nightmares. Building a strong and happy relationship with a “Russian girl” seems to be the greatest affair of your personal life, yet this commonly encountered illusion among Western men, when applied in real life, proves to remain what it really is: just an illusion. To find out all the truth about Russian brides visit www.corcimarnadejda.com

- Posted by corcimarnadejda from Russia on Jun 5th, 2011

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