arabic resturant ??

hi...with me will come in karacow 2 friend one endian and one arabic ,, can u inform me plz the name and address of the arabic resturant ?

- Posted by the one from Poland on Sep 4th, 2009

Unfortunately, as far as I know there is no Arabic restaurant in Krakow.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Sep 7th, 2009

the best you could do is Mezze -, though it's not really Arabic exactly. but if your friend is Arabic, you're probably better off taking him or her for some Polish food

- Posted by artfruit from Poland on Sep 7th, 2009

Of course if your friend is Muslim you might have a problem since the majority of traditional Polish foods contain pork. Not all of them though.

- Posted by Island1 from Poland on Sep 8th, 2009

check this one out:

- Posted by King_Cantona from Poland on Sep 8th, 2009

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