Why the fuss about the White Balloon?

Why has the white balloon upset some people. Surely it's one of the least offensive objects in Krakow. It hovers majestically, like a pristine apparition from the Adventures of Baron Munchausen. The colour is surely therapeutic too. And Zywiec logos. A supremely elegant creation.

- Posted by cracovia1 from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

Mis-typed there - the great thing is that there are NO Zywiec logos. Long live the Baron!

- Posted by cracovia1 from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

Funny you should bring that up - there will be an article about the controvesy in the next issue of the KP. Part of the problem is that Gazeta Wyborcza published an inflamatory article in which it was claimed that a group of Americans were threatening to attack the balloon. Even people who are against the balloon began jumping up and down and complaining about Americans telling Poles what to do.

- Posted by island1 from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2009

No advertising logos... hmmm... Now that you mention it, I'm sure they'll be there soon enough. I find the balloon hideous, but not when it's in the sky. It's hideous sitting in the park fully inflated all the time when it's not in the sky, including months at a stretch in winter. For me it's not a big deal, but for the people living in apartments that used to have a view over the river that's now blocked all winter that big white blob, I can see that it would cause some consternation.

- Posted by MisterRocky from Poland on Jun 28th, 2009

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