mineral shops in Cracow??

I collect minerals from around the world. Could you recommend a mineral shop in Cracow. I will be in Cracow in June. Thanks.

- Posted by frederick from Poland on May 28th, 2009

i dont know about mineral shops, but u may buy amber jewellery/ amber products e.g. in the Sukiennice on the Main Market Square; The event held on 6 - 7 June 2009 is XXXVII INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AND TRADE FAIR OF MINERALS, FOSSILS AND JEWELLERY AGH -UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, al. Mickiewicza 30, build. A-0 http://www.geol.agh.edu.pl/~muzeum/news.html

- Posted by asiulka from Poland on May 29th, 2009

asiulka, Thanks for your reply. Too bad I will miss the exhibition.

- Posted by frederick from Poland on May 29th, 2009

It is not specifically a mineral shop, but try GALERIA OSOBLIWOSCI on ulica Slawkowska - its worth visiting even if you don't find minerals. Look for the rhino head outside the shop!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on May 31st, 2009

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