Hi all, my first post on here. Really excited by a stag long weekend in October. Its not going to be a rowdy event, just 3 of us in fact. I'm looking for ideas on wha we can do in the day and for some recommendations on the funkiest bars and clubs - any suggestions appreciated.

- Posted by martink69 from Poland on Aug 20th, 2008

It really depends what your into, if you go to krakow you simply must visit aushwitz, just to see what went on and pay your respects[prepare yourself]. If your into a proper stag w/end then you can do no better than browsing this site it will tell you all you need to know. no trip to krakow is complete without a visit to roosters and ck browbar, if you all behave yourselves im sure you will go to krakow again. enjoy.

- Posted by bazzag from Poland on Aug 21st, 2008

Hey Martink69, Bazzag is right with his recommendations. Auchwitz should be a must for all visitors to this region, but be warned that it will take up the best part of a day, and is also quite an eye-opener to what happened there! However, for good times in Krakow, check out the "drink" section on this site. It has pointed me in the right direction of many fine establishments! My personal recommendations would be 'Nic Nowego', 'Cien Club', 'Prozak', 'Irish Mbassy', 'Roosters' and 'Frantic'. For the clubs, I recommend you dress to impress as the selection teams on the door have their eyes pealed for stag groups, but if you look the business then you shouldn't have any problems! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 22nd, 2008

I definitely don't think we will look like a stag crowd ! All will be smart dressed with no tacky t shirts and drunken antics - thanks yoou advice i'll look into those pubs/club - the more funkier/contemporary the better

- Posted by martink69 from Poland on Aug 22nd, 2008

Another club to try is Prozak! Look it up on this site. Had fab time with my sister, brother in law, and hubby. Lots of good looking people there too :)

- Posted by krakowmaggie from Poland on Aug 22nd, 2008

whats the dress code ? is it relaxed smart casual i.e jeans, shirt and shoes, or can you get in with trainer style shoes ? just emailed PROZAC to try and get on a guest list

- Posted by martink69 from Poland on Aug 22nd, 2008

Prozak used to be the place to go in Krakow but is not what it used to be, however, for any high-class decent club you need to avoid wearing trainers. Needs to be shoes. Jeans should be ok and a shirt. If you want weird and funky places then head for Kitsch. There are infact 3 clubs in the one building and it's quite unique!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 23rd, 2008

I hate to break it to you guys, but I think that a trip to Auchwitz is a v. bad idea for a stag weekend. If you want to do the tourist trail, I suggest the salt mine is a better idea and only takes half a day, is a lot cheaper and good fun, as well as impressive.Or even a Crazy Max Trabant tour..........The recommendation for bars and clubs is goodspot on though and there a few impromptu jazz sessions around the town too, most weekends. Have fun, but don't go mad, as the police are only too willing to provide you with accommodation for the night, for only 250zl (about £63)!

- Posted by Katiecat from Poland on Aug 23rd, 2008

hi katiecat thanks for your reply and i think i agree that auchwitz may be a bit daunting for a stag weekend. you mention the salt mines tour and also the Crazy Max Trabant tour - what do these involve ?

- Posted by martink69 from Poland on Aug 24th, 2008

Katiekat is right. Auchwitz is pretty heavy stuff for a stag weekend! Anyway, I'm sure you'll love Krakow so much that you'll be back again and you can do it then! The salt mines are really cool, and the trabant tour is a communist style tour of places like Nova Huta! There's a really cool company called Crazy Guides, who can organise it all for you. They have a page on this site... and it looks like you can book with them on here too! I've taken their trabant tour and it is great fun! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 24th, 2008

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