Where to meet the bookish and artsy?

I'll be spending a week in Cracow, working on a book and other projects. Where is the best place to meet people who are more into books than bars, just to have interesting discussions, exchange quirky ideas, and learn a thing or two from people not from your home town?

- Posted by WriterAway from Poland on Jul 30th, 2008

Hey WriterAway, Krakow is full of artists and bookish types! Most cafes and bars are packed with them, although many of them have probably gone away for the summer holidays! Kazimierz is really the Bohemian part of the city which is particularly popular with the artistic elite! Also try Masolitt Books. It's a cool English book store with a cafe and regular groups meet there from what I know. Very cool place. I know a few writers myself, so let us know when you're over and I'll make sure they're down in Kazimierz! Enjoy your stay here. Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

Thanks, Legendary! I arrive on Aug. 8, depart Aug. 15. The only thing I've tentatively scheduled is the two-day study tour of Auschwitz. Otherwise, I'll just be roaming the city, looking to learn as much as possible.

- Posted by WriterAway from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

Hi WriterAway, I also recommend MASSOLIT BOOKS as the best starting point for you in Cracow. It's also a good idea to go to BUNKIER SZTUKI which is the "Bunker of Art" (also has a decent cafe) and is the main venue for modern visual arts. Kazimierz is a good area too - in fact I think LOKATOR down there could be your best bet in that part of town. Have fun! Jabber

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Jul 31st, 2008

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