Pass4travel - anyone used it yet?

Hi guys, heading to Krakow this July. I was looking for attractions there and found pass4travel website. Their offer seems fair but I can't find reviews on them anywhere. Has anyone used it yet and can confirm it works?

- Posted by Sarah from Netherlands on Jun 6th, 2019

Well, I've had a look at the website and the prices they quote for a lot of these activities are way higher than you can get. Plus, the best part about Krakow is not visiting these tourist things but getting lost walking around the beautiful streets and feeling like a local, or exploring the beautiful villages mountains, valleys and national parks surrounding us (busses are very frequent and cheap) - you certainly won't get bored without it. The most expensive version of this pass only lasts for three days and there's no way you can fit enough in to have justified their prices and still be taking enough time to really enjoy it all. Aside from this, pretty much all of our museums and similar places have day once a week where they are completely free entry. Also, Auschwitz is free every day. There are lots of free walking tours. If i were you, I wouldn't worry so much about planning or ticking off sites. Rather, just come and enjoy yourself, let the city reveal itself to you. Relax and go with the flow!

- Posted by kate on Jun 6th, 2019

Sarah, my husband and I used it in April and we enjoyed it. It actually prompted us to go and see more of Krakow. I agree with Kate that Krakow is also about getting lost and strolling around its streets while admiring stunning architecture. It truly is a beautiful city. Nevertheless, if you opt to go to Auschwitz and Wieliczka as well as local museums, their pass is totally worth the price. Both Wieliczka and Auschwitz with guides and transfers cost 40€ on their website but it’s not like they're overpriced - I'd say that's a regular price for the tours - we found the tours from other providers for 30-40€. Except for that, you have lots of other tours, attractions, and admission tickets and you don't have to worry about arriving in Krakow on a specific date to enter for free. We also saved on food because 2 or 3 full meals are included in the pass. As Kate mentioned, there are lots of them and you only tip the guide at the end of the tour. We attended free tours in Berlin and they were very often overcrowded so we decided to attend the walking tours included in the pass and we enjoyed them pretty much - the groups were small - 8 - 12 people - and we got inside the places we would normally need to pay extra for, like Remuh Synagogue or the Wawel Cathedral. I must agree with Kate again - there's no chance you'll use up all the attractions from the pass but you'll definitely not lose your money thanks to their refund policy. Well... you must ask yourself what you really want to do in Krakow. If discovering its beauty by yourself and taking part in free activities is what you want to do, then I wouldn't go for the pass. If you’re planning to go to places like Auschwitz, Wieliczka, Schindler’s Factory, Wawel, and take walking tours, I think pass4travel is a good option and you won’t regret it.

- Posted by Charlotte on Jun 10th, 2019

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- Posted by Henry George from Czech Republic on May 4th, 2020

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