Reader-Chosen Best Places of 2009!

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Our annual list of the Best Places is back. After Ten Best Places of 2006 turned out to be a hit, we have kept finding the city's top quality places to eat, sleep, drink, shop and discover culture. Be sure to check out Best Places 2007 and Best Places 2008 for past winners.

In 2009, we've picked the 5 Best Places from each category above. Each winner has received a plaque and sticker to display in their establishment, meaning that when you see the Cracow Life circle, you'll know to expect the best.

Some of these venues have satisfied their visitors year after year, while some newcomers are making their marks.

Be sure to check out throughout 2009 to continue giving us your reviews on the best (and worst!) in the city.

Above: Inside a room at Radisson Blu, one of the winners for Best Places 2009.

Best Places to Eat

Aperitif Restaurant
Dynia Resto Bar
Al Dente!

Best Places to Sleep

Cracow Hostel
Hotel Ester
Radisson Blu Hotel
RT Hotel Monopol
Hotel Rubinstein

Best Places to Drink

English Football Club
Club Pod Jaszczurami
Piekny Pies
Oldsmobil Pub

Best Places to Shop

Creme de la Creme
House of Albums
Inter Book
Galeria Krakowska

Best Places for Services

Jagiellonian Centre of Polish Language (UJ Centrum Jezyka)
Dental Travel Agency
University of Economics
Ambra Day Spa
Tips 3

Best Places for Culture

National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)
Ethnographic Museum (Muzeum Etnograficzne)
Bunkier Sztuki
Manggha Museum
Teatr Laznia Nowa


not shown

Agata: It's at ul. Wislna 5/10 ... check the eat section or here

Reply Jun 21st, 2010

Sorry but where is Acquea y Vino restauracja??????

Reply Jun 17th, 2010
United States

I was in those clubs, Paparazzi, English FC and I agree with wthis ranking. They deserve for the splendour

Reply Feb 17th, 2010

¯enuj¹ce. Poza Paparazzi w ¿adnym z miejsc wskazanych jako best place to drink, nie potrafi¹ robiæ koktajli!!!

Reply Feb 4th, 2010

Hmm, chyba siê wkrad³ ma³y chochlik w Pañstwa rankingu Best Places 2009, bo wydaje mi siê, ¿e dwa miejsca w kategorii Best Places to Sleep nie maj± ¿adnych opinii z 2009 roku? Trochê to dziwne, skoro ranking jest ustalany na podstawie opinii u¿ytkowników;-) Chyba ¿e co¶ przeoczy³em, w koñcu dawno ju¿ pierwsza m³odo¶æ przeminê³a, a z ni± sokoli wzrok ...:-)Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Reply Jan 22nd, 2010