Getting around Barbados

Car Hire

Cars are available for rent from the airport and other locations around the island. It is best to book ahead in the high season, as rental cars can be in short supply. Cars are generally in good condition, automatic, and most have air conditioning. There are a number of reputable local and international firms, which you can find in our services section. For a small island, Barbados has quite an extensive road network, not all of it in great repair, so caution should be used. Driving is on the left.


Buses are a regular feature of roads in Barbados. There are big yellow buses (privately operated) and even bigger blue buses (state owned). All buses charge a flat fee of 2 Barbados dollars (US $2) per ride, irrespective of the distance. Bus stops are everywhere, and travellers should hail the bus if required.


Taxis are available from the airport and most important locations around the island. They can also be ordered by phone. Taxis are rather expensive.


Use your legs ! Barbados is great to walk around, but most roads do not have good pavements, except in the town centres, therefore be aware of traffic at all times. Of course, you can just stick to the beach and stay away from the roads this way. Enjoy !


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