Mystical Night | Friday 13th | 22:00 | Eter Club


Date: 13-05-2016

Kazimierza Wielkiego 19 street, Wroclaw

This night is extremely rare because it's Friday the thirteenth, and it’s in May. Unlucky day? We don’t care. We will create a mysterious and mystical event in Eter. It will be a lot of nice surprises, amazing atmosphere created by St. Gabriel and the music that take you to another fascinating dimension. Till midnight, fiery drinks (wodka 0,5l + juice 1l) will be cost half the price – 50zl, and colorful shots only 3zl! There will be a special, unique and mystical „Black Cocktail”, we will serve it at mnidnight. And then we will start Live Show – Footshaki! Behind the konsole: Lucas Fuerzo and Sheevia Entry: - FB list – 0zl till 23:00 - Ladies – 10zl - Gentleman – 10zl - Students – 5zl See you on Friday! Eter loves you. Mystical Night | Friday 13th | 13.05.2016 | 22:00 | Eter Club

Mystical Night | Friday 13th | 22:00 | Eter Club

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