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Wry fellows used to say that if you wanted to eat well in Warsaw you had to repair to an embassy, Ferrero Rocher style, and hob-nob with the diplomatic set. But gone are the days when the capital was a gastronomic desert. Today new places are springing up like mushrooms in Autumn - and the sheer variety on offer has obliterated the dreary old eastern-bloc stereotype. From chic Italian joints to funky fusion numbers, you won't go hungry in Warsaw!

If you'd prefer to skip the restaurants and eat with a local cook at their home, Eataway is now available in Warsaw.

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Top rated restaurants in Warsaw

Pizza Express

Pizza Express [closed]

Pizzeria Royal Way

A trusty choice for Pizza lovers

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Restaurant Pesca Bar - CLOSED

Restaurant Pesca Bar - CLOSED [closed]

Seafood Royal Way

Nautical treats served up in a Nano-second!

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Budapeszt [closed]

Hungarian Saska Kepa

Hungarian hit in Warsaw's prettiest district

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Artibus [closed]

Polish City Centre

Exclusive restaurant for Warsaw's high-flyers

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Stash Cafe II

Stash Cafe II [closed]

Canadian City Centre

Quaint Canadian hideaway

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Jezioro Labedzie - CLOSED

Jezioro Labedzie - CLOSED [closed]

International City Centre

Something a little bit different

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Design Cafe

Design Cafe [closed]

Polish Royal Way

Stylish restaurant on the Royal Way

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Rondo Royal

Rondo Royal [closed]

Italian City Centre

Exclusive dining in the Rondo skyscraper

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Sushi Kobe

Sushi Kobe [closed]

Sushi Kabaty

Sushi corner in Kabaty

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Cwaniak Warszawski

Cwaniak Warszawski [closed]

Polish Old Town

Bringing back the taste of Warsaw

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Confashion Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Confashion Cocktail Bar & Restaurant [closed]

International Old Town

Stylish fusion eats

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Republica Latina

Republica Latina [closed]

Latin City Centre

Groovy hangout in a lively part of town

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Sushi Kobe

Sushi Kobe [closed]

Sushi Ursynow

Fresh and tasty sushi haven

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