Coco Music Club

Coco Music Club
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Editor's review

Night owls who like to get dressed up to the nines and party to the break of dawn should fly over to Coco. This space has hosted some of the most killer club nights of recent time, and in the autumn of 2010, it got a major makeover. On Wednesdays you can check out the Chocolate Brilliant party, which lays down Hip Hop and R n' B. Thursdays see an onslaught of Old Skool hits, whilst on Fridays, House hits town, courtesy of top local and guest DJs. For those who want to throw a private bash, there's a VIP room at your disposal.

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Guest from United Kingdom Reply Oct 12th, 2016

Rude staff, rude bouncers ...a club trying to achieve a west end London look without the west end service. In order to have a successful club maybe look at customer service and a better team of doormen..these 2 attributes are destroying a club that could be great and making it a must avoid..... Do not waste your money or time trying to get into coco!! Avoid!!

Veronica from Poland Reply Sep 5th, 2016

Amazing place! You have to verify. :-)

Christopher from United States Reply Feb 7th, 2016

Amazing place !!

Kuba 54321 from Brazil Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Amazing! !!!

Karolina from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

The best club in Cracow!!!

Jakub from Netherlands Reply Feb 2nd, 2016

The best club in Cracow

Karolina from Poland Reply Jan 30th, 2016

The best club in Cracow!

Dominika from United Kingdom Reply Jan 20th, 2016

Best club!

karolina from Poland Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Najwspanialsze imprezy!!!

MARGARETTA from Argentina Reply Jan 19th, 2016

Buen club ! Recomiendo

Adam from Philippines Reply Jan 13th, 2016

Best club, freaky bartenders, and good music. "Must visit" on clubbing map@

Louise from France Reply Jan 13th, 2016


getfunky79 from Malta Reply Dec 30th, 2015

Looking forward to see this club in january guys

Andżelika from Poland Reply Mar 20th, 2015

Imprezy wymiatają! Fajne promocje! :)

Mark from Germany Reply Mar 2nd, 2015


Kate Preston from United Kingdom Reply Feb 23rd, 2015

Great party! The best climate in cracow

jenn from Austria Reply Feb 5th, 2015

i wore tights and boots and i was very over dressed. the bar was very rude

Guest Reply Feb 5th, 2015

this is by far the worst club in all of poland i have been to. all the bar tenders are rude and all the people here pray on american girls and they dont take any american requests for songs so all the songs are either for madonna or michael jackson or they refuse to play them if they come from 2014 or more. i seriously recommend prozak 2.0. they were so nice and cover covers the average cover of beer in most euro countries

Coco Music Club from Poland Mar 2nd, 2015

We are sorry due to a negative opinion. We try to make all our customers to satisfaction. Sometimes it is impossible to reconcile all musical tastes. Come again, we hope that you will change opinions about us.

Penny from United Kingdom Reply Feb 3rd, 2015

Fantastic place! You are sure to come back! Party till dawn! Cool guys!

Guest from France Reply Oct 4th, 2014

Worst place & staff in Krakow!! Looks fancy and cool, BUT IT is NOT. We pay entrance 10zl +bought a of the waitress start talking with one friend and then she appear with two shoots, we thought its normal shot invitation of whatever after spend much money, give tip, etc.... After 15 minutes of drink the shots...seems she brought one of the MOST expensive Whisky in the menu, 80ZL (20 EUROS) THE SHOT. So we discuss, we wont pay 20 euros for a shot she can bring that, if we didnt order?? WTF!! We were drinking vodka that was on the table. The 3 bodyguards kind of force as to we didnt want problems, we divided the amount btw us and pay the f** shot...but the things become even worst!! THEY THROW OUT us...I guess because they thought we are "stupid-drunk" foreign who will pay whatever without discuss, they even were surprise some of us speak polish...and actually the party was pretty empty... Customer Services SUCKS!!! so disco too...

Guest Reply Aug 21st, 2014

F**k these people seriously. Someone call the police.

AMS Reply Aug 21st, 2014

The bouncers punched my friend in the face. I'd advise not going there if I were you.

Coco Music Club Mar 20th, 2015

Welcome, this type of situation and any comments please send to:, we make every effort to ensure that all of our guests were satisfied with your stay at our club. Greetings!

Honest from United States Reply Aug 21st, 2014

Three handsome guys from San Francisco, New York and London were handed tickets to go to Coco Club by a promoter. We get to the place and got slapped in the face by one of the bouncers without any reason whatsoever! This is truly the worst place we have ever been to. Criminal thugs that assault invited guests. What can I say more. This truly ruined our visit to Poland. We urge everyone to stay away from this place.

Belikov from Netherlands Reply Mar 8th, 2014

Horrible club! This was really the last time I set foot in this club. I was a great customer for them, 2 weeks ago I bought a bottle of wodka for 200zl just to have a place to sit, I came there many times, spend allot of money and everytime they treat you like SH!T. Yesterday after being 3 min inside I was kick out for really NOTHING and got punched in the face by security. I will never go there anymore and I wouldn't recommend this club to no one. There are many other clubs in Krakow where you don't get treated like dog sh!t.

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Sep 24th, 2013

Very nice place! Good time..

Jen from United Kingdom Reply Sep 9th, 2013

Horrible place. Rude staff pushed my friend onto the street when he tried to get in wearing trainers, despite the fact that we'd already walked in earlier wearing flip flops. Short-changed by a member of bar staff who subsequently ignored me when I tried to get his attention, and the bathrooms made me gag they were so dirty. No idea why this place is popular, it feels really shady and unsafe. If you do choose to go, I'd recommend keeping an eye on any valuables. There are lots of nicer, less sketchy places in Krakow to choose from!

matt from United States Reply Sep 19th, 2012

Laughable. Saw a cute Aussie girl refused entrance leaving her stranded after all her friends were permitted in. No reason when guys wearing holey jeans were allowed in. A Krakow club trying to act new York and failing miserably.

joe from United Kingdom Reply Jul 18th, 2012

Blonde barman shortchange me by a fair bit, apart from that a nice place buti think he pocketed my money.

J. from Netherlands Reply Jun 20th, 2012

The best trip ever. 4 Guys from Holland, 4 Days, met some........ We'll be back!!!

John from United States Reply Jun 10th, 2012

Was told that I couldn't get in because I was wearing Puma instead of Adidas.

MArciN from Poland Reply Apr 16th, 2012

Najpiękniejsza najbardziej seksowna noc w moim życiu :D polecam :)

simon from United Kingdom Reply Dec 23rd, 2011

Cracking night out 10/10 does anyone know the website address for the people taking pictures in the club 03/12/11

john dick from United States Reply Nov 10th, 2011

lovely place.

TBone from United States Reply Sep 19th, 2011

Been here 3 weeks, best place I've been yet, Wednesday is best. hot chicks and packed.

Lucie from Czech Republic Reply Jul 23rd, 2011

Hello, cordially greet you, I do already for some time manager to Mr. Luke SIFT (DJ Dragon) and take care of his action. Since it is an excellent DJ and presenter, I turn to you asking if you were not interested in scheduling a time for his performance .. DJ Dragon may come as a special guest, or take the whole night. It depends on the agreement. Let me introduced it in a nutshell: DJ Dragon has the music scene for 9 years and has many behind. Plays funky progressive house with electro and that makes his sets an exceptional and very energetic. When he was 12 years, closing the elementary school, he went on. He could not just leave and so he decided to organize a final disco for the whole school. The work is a success and Dragon sklidnil great success. Because he enjoyed it, spoke to other schools and different institutions with its offer, which reaped one success after another. Two years later, in 2004, thus became one of the resident dj's music club Liquid, which is still developing and perfecting their art of DJing. It was here he played alongside renowned DJs such as DJ Tvyks, DJ Chris Sadler, DJ Lafayette, Djan LayDee Jane, Dj Marty K!, etc. The music club is Liquid Dragon in 2005 came in better companies in Prague, as Crash is a music club, disco Port Zbraslav Disco Klondajk Radotin, etc. In 2007 he introduced the track 7.nebe music club in Brno (the club was the winner of Dance Awards 2005 and Awards 2006), where he performed as a special guest. Another direction was in Ostrava, where he performed in several music 100dola bar. In 2008, the Dragon came back to Prague, where he continued in production in Port Zbraslav Disco and then performs live on Internet Radio Deejay. In 2009, Dragon returns to home soil Liberec namely the Music Club Casino, where he plays regularly until the end of 2010, when the Music Club Casino Liberec finally closes. The Music Club Casino formed a production in collaboration with DJ Martin Forster and DJ George Dokoupil. Performs at the Street Party after 2010, where he played alongside DJ Eagle, Yana Dark and Lafayette. Now Dj Dragon returned to the music club travel throughout the country. Namely, for example, Silver Rock Spindleruv Mlyn, Disco Galaxy Litomerice, SaSaZu Prague Misch Masch, Praha, Fabric Ostrava, Brno and other 7.Nebe ... I am sending a link to one of his set. We look forward to a response team for the Dragon's Lucy Bolfova

Maria from Germany Reply Jun 12th, 2011

One of the best nights I had in Krakow :)

Fernando from Spain Reply May 14th, 2011

just fantastic place!

Pimka from Slovak Republic Reply Feb 17th, 2011

It was absolutely full of people, no place to dancing, long queue on the toilet, in the middle of the week!

Adamek from United States Reply Dec 14th, 2010

I hope that the new regulation about prohibition of smoking in public place will be in place when i will be visiting soon this club.Otherwise, it may cost them a lot in fine in the near future.

Rodrigez from Italy Reply Dec 13th, 2010

Wednesday's event rock! the best girl I saw in Krakow and in the middle of the week!

Patrick from United Kingdom Reply Nov 12th, 2010

I was there the second time and I must say that they are playing there best Polish girl. I recommend on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

mike from United States Reply Nov 11th, 2010

full of smoke, shady characters, some dresy, add everything to the mix with heavy smokers, and see why this place is to be avoided

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