Make Hotels Work for You!

It's the next generation of accommodation services, that could turn the hotel industry and traditional booking engines on their head - a new website that puts hotels directly in touch with their customers, and invites them to bid for their business. has been launched by Krakow-based entrepreneur Mark Bradshaw, with developer Ada Skakuj and designer Maciej Szafraniec. It connects customers looking for a room, with hotels in cities worldwide. There is no registration or log-in, and all that is required to use the system is a destination, travel date and type of accommmodation required. This information is then sent on to hotels, which can make their best offer direct to the client. The Bidroom database automates the process, and weeds out those hotels that decline to take part, ensuring that customers always get the best deal. From the customers' point of view, it's easy and convenient. But Bidroom benefits the hoteliers too, as it offers them an alternative way to reach people who are actively seeking their services, rather than through high-commission, tough-contract booking engines.


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