Entertainment in Krakow

Besides the edifying pursuits of visiting museums and galleries, there are plenty of more hearty things to be done in and around Cracow. Skating, cycling or canoeing along the river, or perhaps heading west to the woods of Las Wolski. If Mother Nature is in a bad mood you can always make for Park Wodny, which has a bonanza of shoots and slides to please adrenalin-crazed youngsters. Have a look through our entertainment directory and you're bound to find some fantastic ways to fill your time in Cracow.

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Top rated entertainment in Krakow

Tourist Center

Tourist Center [closed]

Tours Old Town

Krakow Tours, Airport Transfers, Tickets (Airline, Bus, Train)

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Oceanarium [closed]

Oceanarium City Centre South

Wonders of the deep revealed

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HiFlyer Balloon Rides

HiFlyer Balloon Rides [closed]

Balloon Rides Old Town

A majestic view

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Cue Bar Snooker

Cue Bar Snooker [closed]

Snooker City Centre East

Right on cue

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Gym & Beauty Fitness Club

Gym & Beauty Fitness Club [closed]

Fitness Further out

Superb fitness centre at well-known Waterpark

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Krakow Aquarium

Krakow Aquarium [closed]

Aquarium Old Town

Aquatic Magic

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Euro Fitness Club

Euro Fitness Club [closed]

Fitness City Centre North

Modern fitness club with fine swimming pool

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Snooker Club

Snooker Club [closed]

Snooker City Centre South


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Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty [closed]

Beauty Old Town

Swiss Perfection in Cracow

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