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Berlin is an absolute must for the party-goer with bars, pubs and clubs to suit every taste, and some of the most original venues to be found anywhere in the world. The city's famed ability to regenerate means that many a derelict shell has been revamped into the latest hip joint to be seen in. Be warned, Berlin is vast and many of the better places are hidden away - check out our directory and note down a few addresses first, or you could spend more time looking for the bars than drinking in them!

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Top rated pubs in Berlin

Bar Jeder Vernunft

Class acts in a mirrored tent

Cabaret     Wilmersdorf

Red Rooster

Modesty to crow about

Club/Bar     Friedrichshain


High scoring cafe across the board

Cafe     Prenzlauer

M Bia

Clubbing 101

Night Club     Mitte


Britpop rocks!

Night Club     Old Town


Musical crossroads

Pubs/Clubs     Kreuzberg

Zu Mir Oder Zu Dir

My place, your place, party place!

Nightclub     Prenzlauer


Popular local hang-out

Cafe     Prenzlauer


Dance to the Maxx

Club     Charlottenburg


Fun, fun, fun

Club     Tegel


Disco cafe

Cafe     Charlottenburg

Dicke Wirtin

Home of the wayward and weird

German     Charlottenburg
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